Buy Masruq Packaged Peeled Beans & Flour

For Moimoi, Beans Cake, Akara, Gbegiri and more

Masruq peeled beans afford the Nigerian and African woman to enjoy delicacies like beans…

Masruq beans Flour is produced from high quality blacked-eyed Nigeria white Beans…

Masruq Feeds comes in 50kg bags. With our animal feeds, farmers can conveniently rear …

What you can do with Masruq Peeled Beans & Flour

akara 2
Akara - Beans Cake
Ewa ati Dodo
Gbegiri Soup
moimoi 2
Moi Moi
Ewa Agoyin

What our Customer is saying

See what our customer say about our products


I so mush like Masruqil Beans Flour, have beign using it for all my Restaurant beans recipe

Funmi Akinwale

From Abuja, FCT


Since have being preparing Moi Moi and Akara for my Family, they never miss it weekly

Sandra Ikemefuna

From Lagos, Alimosho


I like Masruqil Beans flour, it as helped my wife in her amala joint for all Gbegiri Soup 

Aderibigbe Yinka

From Abuja, Utako


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