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We offer various type of spicy for our customers and also packaged foods like beans flour, plantain flour, etc.

About Us 

We process agricultural produce, Spices and assist beverages and spices producers to source for high quality ingredients at farm prices.

With our peeled beans, beans flour, plantain flour, yam flour, chilli, we bring convenience to the kitchen of every Nigerian and African woman. Masruq peeled beans afford the Nigerian and African woman to enjoy delicacies like beans pudding (moimoi) beans cake (akara) gbegiri soup with no stress at good prices.

What We Do

Beans Flour

Professionally processed beans flour by Masruqil

Masruqil Spicy

We offer spices such as garlic, chiili pepper, ginger, moringa, Alligator pepper, etc

Plantain Flour

Processed by Masruqil industrial professionals

Yam Flour

Processed by Masruqil industrial professionals

Peeled Beans

Carefully peeled beans.



Alligator Pepper

Chilli Pepper



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Suite 97, Da Avalon Plaza, Opposite KIA Motor, Plot 483, Ajose Adeogun Crescent, Utako, Abuja.

+234 80 5321 8387
+234 706 685 4208

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