We process agricultural produce, Spices and assist beverages and spices producers to source for high quality ingredients at farm prices.

With our peeled beans, beans flour, plantain flour, yam flour, chilli, we bring convenience to the kitchen of every Nigerian and African woman. Masruq peeled beans afford the Nigerian and African woman to enjoy delicacies like beans pudding (moimoi) beans cake (akara) gbegiri soup with no stress at good prices.

Masruq Foods and Spices are produced from high quality Nigeria grown agricultural produce, processed under hygienic condition and free from stones, aflatoxin, CHEMICALS AND OTHER PRESERVATIVES. They are 100% natural and very affordable.


Our Mission

Masruq Investment Limited is dedicated towards making Nigeria and the world a better place to live through innovation and creativity

Our Vision

The Company provides a breakthrough in Foods and Spices consumption and animal dietary, while forming long lasting relationship with customers, develop visibility in its market and show excellence in fulfilling its promise to the public.

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